Parking Infringements


To avoid further fees, please ensure that you pay your fine prior to the due date on your Parking Infringement Notice.

How to pay


Pay by Visa or Mastercard on 03 5461 0610, (have your Parking Infringement Notice number on hand).


Send cheque or money order to:

Central Goldfields Shire Council PO Box 194 Maryborough,Victoria, 3465

using your Parking Infringement Notice number as the reference.

In Person:

Present the parking infringement you received in the mail to Central Goldfields Shire Council 22 Nolan Street Maryborough.


BSB: 063519  Account:10035469

Reference:(your Parking Infringement Notice number)


Appeal a Parking Infringement Notice

To appeal a Parking Infringement Notice and request an internal review, complete the Application for Internal Review enclosed with your Parking Infringement Notice and return it to the Council office at 22 Nolan Street Maryborough or

  • An appeal can be made by yourself or by somebody acting on your behalf with your consent.
  • An appeal must state the grounds on which you consider the decision should be reviewed along with any evidence or supporting documentation as an explanation of circumstances and grounds for supporting your application for an internal review.
  • Council has up to 90 days to provide an outcome to you. Council endeavours to provide a response as soon as possible. Your infringement will be put on hold pending an outcome of your appeal, no payment is required until you receive correspondence.


Grounds for appeal

Exceptional Circumstances: where the applicant has enough awareness and self-control to be liable for their conduct, however has committed the offence due to unforeseen or unpreventable circumstances.

Contrary to Law: can be used if a person believes that the decision to serve the infringement notice was unlawful.

Special Circumstances: where a person believes that the listed special circumstances applies to them. It requires a connection or nexus to be made between the special circumstances category and the offending behaviour.

Mistaken Identity: where a person claims that they were not the person who committed the infringement offence. Failing to nominate the responsible person is not a valid reason to apply for mistake of identity. 

Persons Unaware: applicant to lodge an internal review application on the ground that they were unaware of the infringement notice.

Download Application for Review(PDF, 74KB)


Nominate Another Driver or Request a Court Hearing

Complete the Nomination Statement/ Request a Court Hearing form enclosed with your Parking Infringement Notice and return to the Central Goldfields Shire Council at 22 Nolan Street Maryborough or

Nominate Driver or Request Court(PDF, 295KB)


Financial Assistance

If you wish to apply to pay your Infringement in instalments, complete the application below and return to the Central Goldfields Shire Council at 22 Nolan Street Maryborough or

Apply for Payment Plan(PDF, 65KB)