Properties not connected to a main sewerage line must have an approved onsite waste disposal system (septic tank system).

Council is responsible for approving septic systems for premises generating less than 5000 litres per day, while the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is responsible for wastewater volumes above 5000 litres per day.

Council's Environmental Health team must be contacted to obtain a permit to install a septic tank system. Advice is also provided on care and maintenance of these systems.

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) approves the type of onsite systems that may be installed in Victoria, via a 'certificate of approval system'.

Council has a commitment to enforcing relevant septic tank legislation, and along with property owners, a responsibility to minimise the impact of septic tank systems on public and environmental health.

A list of valid onsite wastewater treatment systems, along with details information on regulations and the approval process is available on the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) website.

For more information, assistance or to submit an application form contact Council's Environmental Health team on 03 5461 0647 or email