Community Grants Progam


1. Central Goldfields Community Support Grants program 

This year Council is again offering a community support program, which includes small grants, in-kind support and fee waivers, to enable organisations and community groups in Central Goldfields to deliver community development activities/programs, community events and purchase small equipment.

$33,250 is up for grabs as part of Council's 2022-23 Community Grants Program.

These grants are to help community-based organisations and groups to support the provision of programs and services which benefit the Central Goldfields Shire community and are in accordance with Council's plans and strategies which can be found on Council's website HERE.  

All applications must conform to the Grant Guidelines, which have been developed according to Council’s Community Support Policy  

Please contact the Kym Murphy, Manager Community Partnerships to discuss your ideas before starting your application.

Applications are now open and close at 5pm on Monday 13 June 2022.

A PDF version of the following website content can be accessed here: 2022-2023 Community Grant Guidelines.(PDF, 377KB)

2. Available Support


2.1 Grants

Community Grants provide financial support to projects and events that provide community benefit to the Shire. Grants from $500 are available to a wide range of community-based organisations to run projects and events. Individuals are not eligible to apply for Community Grants.

2.2 In-kind support

In-kind support is available to a wide range of community-based organisations to run projects and events that provide benefit to the Shire. In kind support is when Council provides services to a group or organisation, rather than providing them with purely financial support. In kind support can include things like traffic management, waste management and event set up.

2.3 Fee waiver

If you are seeking a fee waiver, please use the Fee Waiver Application Form.(PDF, 133KB)


3. General guidelines

3.1 Who will be funded?

To be eligible to apply for a Community Support grant you must be a Central Goldfields community-based organisation or group and submit an eligible Application Form to Council by 5pm Monday 13 June 2022.

Typically, a community-based organisation or group is a recognised not-for-profit group or organisation that carries out one or more of the following activities:

  • Provides services to the community such as positive ageing, childcare, health services, charity services or services of a similar type
  • Reinvests or applies the revenue it receives predominately for public interest services or activities
  • Principally provides social or junior sporting or recreational activities
  • Supports public events or information with a historical, cultural or community arts focus.


    Typically, a community-based organisation or group would not include:


3.2 Who won't be funded? 

  • A political organisation.
  • A profit-making organisation.
  • Schools or tertiary institutions (excluding parents and friends' groups).
  • State or Federal government agencies and departments.
  • Any organisation where more than 50% of its income is derived from any State or Federal government program.


3.3 What will be funded?

All applications must be for projects that are based in the Central Goldfields Shire and benefit the Central Goldfields Shire community.

Highest priority will be given to projects that demonstrate a partnership approach, increase participation in community activities, projects or programs where there is a demonstrated community need, or are in danger of discontinuing without the financial support of the Grants program.

3.4 What won’t be funded?

  • Applications from individuals
  • Applications where funding for projects is being requested retrospectively
  • Applicants with an overdue acquittal for Central Goldfields Shire Council funding
  • Applicants receiving funding from Central Goldfields Shire Council for the same project
  • Applications seeking funding to cover ongoing operational costs (e.g. insurance, utilities, rent, salaries)
  • Projects or activities that support a religious or political cause
  • Are the responsibility of the State or Federal Government, or
  • Projects that are already underway or have been completed.


4. Funding streams

Community Development

These projects would typically be those that increase social capital. These types of projects will lead to leadership development, skills development, increased participation, projects that improve management skills within community organisations and projects that support a local community.

For example:

  • Environmental management, training and programs
  • Youth activities and programs, or
  • Community events and festivals.


Creativity and Innovation

This funding category is aimed at artistic development, new innovative community projects, incubators or new ways of approaching community programs.

For example:

  • Community arts projects and initiatives
  • Projects promoting the use of new technologies in the community, or
  • Innovative creative education programs.

Please note: all activities must be delivered within a COVID Safe manner and adhere to relevant restrictions at the time of delivery.

Physical infrastructure

To support community organisations in relation to facility development and one-off maintenance issues. This funding category will also provide the opportunity for organisations to increase service capacity through equipment purchases and other physical enhancements to facilities.

For example:

  • Building improvements that improve accessibility and amenity
  • New equipment for programs, or
  • Issues that have arisen in relation to maintenance of community facilities.


5. Application process Checklist 

5.1 How to apply

Applications must be submitted via the online application portal below, along with all supporting documentation. 


All supporting documentation must be submitted in Word or PDF formats.

Budgets must conform to the Budget Template(DOCX, 40KB)  supplied within the application form. 

Documentation submitted in alternative formats will not be considered.

All potential applicants must contact Kym Murphy, Manager Community Partnerships, to discuss their project idea before preparing their grant application.

This will improve the likelihood of submitting an eligible and effective grant application within the timeframe.

A Guide with practical hints and information can be found HERE(PDF, 158KB)

Late, ineligible and incomplete applications will not be assessed. 


5.2 Assessment of applications

A panel of Council officers will assess all eligible applications and then make recommendations to Council based on the ranking of those applications against the assessment criteria.

Eligible applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • 50% How the project benefits the Central Goldfields Shire community
  • 25% How well the project aligns with Council plans and strategies
  • 25% Demonstrated capacity of the project to succeed

The assessment panel’s recommendations for funding will be presented to Council for consideration and final approval at the 26 July 2022 Council Meeting.

Preference will be given to groups not funded in the previous round.

5.3 Acquittals


All projects should be planned for completion within the 2022-2023 financial year. 

Please note: 10% of all grants will be with-held until the final acquittance is completed and submitted to Council.  Acquittals must be submitted no later than 31 May 2023.

5.4 Timeline

  • The community grants program will open for applications on Monday 2 May 2022 and close at 5pm on Monday 13 June 2022.
  • The council will make a decision about successful and unsuccessful grants at the 26 July 2022 council meeting.
  • Successful applicants will be notified by email by 5 August 2022.
  • 90% of grant funds will be deposited in the nominated bank account when all documentation has been returned and processed.
  • All projects are expected to be completed and acquitted before 31 May 2023 at which point the final 10% of the grant will be deposited in the same account by 30 June 2023.


6. Application assessment checklist

Please ensure you have completed the following before submitting your application.

  • Discussed your project idea with Council's Manager Community Partnerships Kym Murphy 
  • Project budget
  • Detailed project timeline
  • Relevant permits (if required)
  • Letters of Support
  • Evidence of required permissions (if required)

Please ensure all documentation is submitted in Word or PDF format


7. Other grants/other banks: additional funding

Projects that involve partnerships with other organisations, clubs or services are highly desirable and will be looked upon favourably.

Projects that attract funding from other sources are also highly desirable. Please get in touch if you would like some assistance with researching possibilities for other funding sources.

8. Contact to discuss ideas

For more information, or to discuss ideas, contact Council's Manager Community Partnerships on 0448 692 408 or email