What does it mean if your property is within the Heritage Overlay?

If your property is with the Heritage Overlay, you will need to check with Council whether any proposed works to the property will require a Planning Permit prior to works being carried out.

What types of works within the Heritage Overlay require a planning permit?

Clause 43.01-1 of the Central Goldfields Planning Scheme sets out when a permit is required in the Heritage Overlay. Some of the types of proposals which require a Planning Permit are listed below. If you are unsure, please contact the Planning Department.

  • Subdivide land
  • Demolish or remove a building
  • Construct a building or construct or carry out works including:
    • Domestic services normal to a dwelling
    • Solar panels
    • Rainwater tanks
    • Fencing
    • Swimming pools or spas
    • A pergola, verandah, or deck
    • Displaying a sign
    • Carrying out works, repairs and routine maintenance which change the appearance of a heritage place or which are not undertaken to the same details, specifications and materials.


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