Waste and recycling charges


The garbage and recycling charges are for the collection of kerbside bins and only apply to households receiving those services. 

The Waste Management Fee is collected from all ratepayers as a contribution to community waste management costs, such as rehabilitation of landfill sites. 

The charges for residential waste and recycling collection in 2021/2022 are:

Bin type

Annual Charge

Standard Garbage & Recycling Charge – 80L urban & 140L rural


Non-Standard Garbage & Recycling Charge - 140L urban and 240L rural


Green Waste Collection Charge - 240L urban (optional service)


Waste Management Fee



Optional Green Waste Service

All households with access to waste collection in urban areas have the option of the green and organics bin for a service charge. 

Residents can dispose of their green waste and organic household waste via a 240 litre bin (green lid) which is collected on the first and third Friday of the month.

The collected waste is then processed into high quality bagged compost. Each participant is entitled to one bag of compost per month, when available. 

If you wish to request this optional service visit the Optional Green Waste Service section of our website. 

Included with your rate notice are eight Central Goldfields Shire Transfer Station Waste Vouchers.

The vouchers are valid for use until 30 September 2022.