Before you begin

  1. If you are planning a new event discuss your idea and dates with the Central Goldfields Shire Council Events team;
  2. Do research on similar or past events, as well current event dates and locations.
  3. Develop a draft plan, include the aim and purpose of your event, identify target markets, resources and budget, determine event requirements and logistics ;
  4. Establish a working group or committee of people who can help you run the event, don’t try to do everything yourself.
  5. Start completing the essential paperwork.


The Victorian Government has released a framework for public events to guide the phased resumption of these events in line with Victoria’s roadmap to reopening.

The framework sets out:

  • The rules for organising a public event during the Last Step and COVID Normal, including

    - Indoor/outdoor settings
    - Limits on the number of people that can attend the event
    - Density requirements 
    - COVID safety requirements

  • The process for submission and review of COVIDSafe Event Plans and Checklists, including by the Ministerial Taskforce
  • The primary assessment criteria that will be applied by the public health experts assessing COVIDSafe Event Plans.

The COVID-19 Public Events Framework and other events guidelines are designed to supplement, not replace, other Victorian laws and regulations, such as Occupational Health & Safety requirements or the Chief Health Officer Directions, which all events must comply with. Furthermore, they should be tailored to meet the unique contexts of an event, to ensure that every event participant, from volunteers through to attendees, are protected from the risk of transmission and can safely enjoy all that Victorian events have to offer.

The following resources are now available: