Before you begin

  1. If you are planning a new event discuss your idea and dates with the Central Goldfields Shire Council Events team;
  2. Do research on similar or past events, as well current event dates and locations.
  3. Develop a draft plan, include the aim and purpose of your event, identify target markets, resources and budget, determine event requirements and logistics ;
  4. Establish a working group or committee of people who can help you run the event, don’t try to do everything yourself.
  5. Start completing the essential paperwork.

IMPORTANT Victorian Government's COVIDSafe Events

As Victoria enters Phase D of the Roadmap, it will be much easier to run events of any size. Venues can run at full capacity, and events will not need individual approval from the Chief Health Officer.

All events now fall within the COVIDSafe Settings, and the COVIDSafe Settings can vary depending on the type of venue where the event is held.

All events must have a COVIDSafe Plan, only events with 30,000 or more attendees need to publish their COVIDSafe Plan.

To understand your COVID requirements please contact council on 5461 0610 or you can find further information on the Coronarvirus website