Maryborough Aerodrome Taskforce

Aerodrome Taskforce now appointed

Following an EOI process, six community members/stakeholders were appointed to the Maryborough Aerodrome Taskforce in July, 2021.

The inaugural Taskforce will provide advice to Council on future use and development of the Maryborough Aerodrome.

The Taskforce members are:

  • Neil Arbuthnot (Chairperson)
  • Neville Boyle
  • Kim Skyring
  • Ian Carfrae
  • Rod Brown
  • Anthony Ohlsen

Under the Taskforce’s Term of Reference, members were appointed based upon the following criteria:

  • Knowledge of Aerodrome operations
  • Business acumen
  • Community development
  • Community asset management

The Taskforce’s Chairperson was appointed based on the following:

  • Extensive knowledge of airport operations
  • Substantial experience in community asset management
  • Relevant technical and management qualifications
  • Familiarity with local government operations

Community members/stakeholders with knowledge of aerodrome operations, business and community development skills and experience or experience in asset management were encouraged to submit an EOI.

The term of appointment will be 12 months, with membership to be appointed by Council.

Background information

Safety and operation improvements follow Aerodrome Taskforce report

Works to improve operations and aircraft safety at the Maryborough Aerodrome have been completed recently.

The works are in response to the Maryborough Aerodrome Taskforce Report, which was received by Council at the March Council Meeting.

In July 2021 Council appointed a six-person Taskforce to assist with the development of a Business Case and Master Plan around the future operation of the Aerodrome.

The Report provided an update on the progress of the Taskforce to date, as well as recommendations and options regarding short- and long-term risks and operations in operating the facility.

Some of the recommendations that have recently been carried out include:

  • Council’s Operations team have undertaken vegetation management to improve the visibility of runway markers and lighting and reduce the visual cover for kangaroos.
  • The Manual of Standards that establishes the inspection regime and maintenance program for the Aerodrome is being reviewed and updated, with input from both the Aerodrome Taskforce and an independent expert.
  • Council is re-joining the Australian Airports Association, which provides a valuable source of information and networking on the management of small regional facilities.
  • Monitoring equipment has been installed temporarily to get baseline data on usage.


This will help inform a business case which is the next key step in making decisions about the long term management and operation of the aerodrome.

Council has allocated $150,000 in the draft 2022-23 Budget for more substantial works to improve safety and functionality at the facility. An application for funding from the Commonwealth Government’s Regional Airports Program has also been lodged; if successful, this would enable a larger scope of works. These may include:

  • Improving fencing to prevent kangaroo entry
  • Tree management to ensure safe angles of approach to the main runway
  • Replacing the airport water main
  • Mowing/weed removal facilities (zero point turn mower)
  • Improving communication facilities and a pilot information service
  • Power backup via battery or generator


Maryborough Aerodrome Taskforce report received

During the March 2022 Ordinary Council Meeting Councillors received a Report prepared by the Maryborough Aerodrome Taskforce.

The Report provides an update on the progress of the Taskforce to date, as well as recommendations and options regarding short-and long-term risks and operations in operating the facility.

Apart from receiving the Taskforce Report, Council supported five recommendations at the meeting.

These include re-joining the Australian Airports Association and a series of short-term measures for maintaining the facility as an Aircraft Landing Area (ALA) to an adequate safety standard, while referring more substantial works to the Council budget process and potential external funding.

The five recommendations endorsed by Councillors are:

  1. Re-join the Australian Airports Association.
  2. Obtain an independent assessment of risk management issues at Maryborough Aerodrome that identifies, prioritises and estimates costs for works on ground, an updated inspection and maintenance regime and a pilot notification and ‘permission to land process
  3. Commence priority works that can be undertaken within the 2021-22 Operations budget
  4. Refer the allocation of funds for more extensive priority works at the Aerodrome to the 2022-23 Council Budget process
  5. Apply for funding under Round 3 of the Regional Airports Program