Heritage Studies

The Planning and Environmental Act 1987 requires Council to protect locally significant heritage places in accordance with State Government legislation, guidelines and processes.

Heritage Studies are prepared to identify places which may have heritage significance.  The Shire’s heritage studies are an inventory of all existing and proposed places of cultural significance for listing in the Central Goldfields Planning Scheme, Victorian Heritage Register and the Victorian Heritage Inventory. Council planners use these studies for decision-making process for planning application and to promote the heritage values of the Shire to the Community.

Central Goldfields Shire’s recent strategic heritage studies include the Heritage Strategy 2014-2018 (Jean) and the Heritage Review: Stage 1, 2005 (Rowe and Jacobs). We are currently reviewing Maryborough's heritage overlay (HO 206) based on community consultation in late 2023. 

Visit Maryborough Heritage Review and view documentation and maps

Other older heritage studies were conducted by previous small shires before amalgamation created the Central Goldfields Shire. These studies performed an in-depth heritage analysis of heritage assets and listed all the heritage places, identified statements of significance, prepared citations for each site. The current Heritage Overlay of the Central Goldfields Planning Scheme is based on the places identified in these studies. 

Key Heritage Studies

Other Heritage Studies

Relevant Council Projects

Council Celebrates the unique and magnificent heritage places in the Central Goldfields Shire and each year welcomes around 18,000 visitors to the area. Some of the key projects undertaken by council that reinforce heritage protection are: