Alternative Waste Disposal

Some items can be recycled outside Council’s collection service:


eWaste items can be deposited at any of Council’s four transfer stations.

A new eWaste collection and storage facility is currently being constructed at the Carisbrook Transfer Station which will be operational by 30 June 2019.

Further information on eWaste recycling can be found at Sustainability Victoria.

Mobile phones and Printer cartridges

Can be deposited at Council’s Customer Service Centre, 12 to 22 Nolan Street, Maryborough. 

Chemicals and Farm Products

drumMUSTER is a program that collects and recycles empty and clean eligible nonreturnable farm chemical containers.

Containers must be flushed, pressure rinsed or triple rinsed prior to delivering to drumMUSTER at the Transfer Station in Carisbrook.

There must be no visible chemical residue on the inside or outside of the container or it will not be accepted.

For more information visit DrumMUSTER or contact Ellwaste on 03 5456 2500.

ChemClear provides a reliable and responsible collection and disposal service for obsolete agricultural and veterinary chemicals.

For more information visit ChemClear

Detox Your Home

Some household products contain chemicals which can be dangerous to children and pets.

You can’t pour them down the sink or put them out with your rubbish because they can harm the environment.

Detox Your Home deals with household products like kitchen and bathroom cleaners,

fuels, auto fluids, solvents, pool chemicals, fertilisers, gas bottles and other materials.

A permanent collection point for paint, motor oil, fluorescent tubes, batteries and gas

cylinders is available at the City of Ballarat Transfer Station, Gillies St South, Ballarat.

Open Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm and weekends 10am to 4pm.

For a complete list of accepted products and Detox Your Home collection locations call 1300 363 744 or visit Sustainability Victoria


Paintback is designed to reduce end-of-life problems from the paint industry. The tins and containers are separated from the paint and recycled. Waste paint is treated to recover solvents and separate liquids and solids.

Paintback collection points:

  • City of Ballarat Transfer Station, 119 Gillies Street South, Ballarat
  • The Eaglehawk Eco-Centre 189-193 Upper California Gully Road Eaglehawk

Visit the Paintback website to find out more about what products can be returned.