Injured or dead animals and snakes

If you find an injured domestic animal or livestock, contact our Local Laws team on 03 5461 0610

Do not try to help the animal yourself as it might be in pain and can be unpredictable.

  • Injured wildlife

There are numerous options for reporting injured wildlife.

  • Dead animals

Dead animals are usually handled by either VicRoads or Council. However, some dead animals such as cattle, sheep and horses, can be a life-threatening danger to motorists and must be reported immediately to police.

Call the police on triple zero (000) if you see a dead animal in a location that might be a danger to other people.

Otherwise you can report dead animals to Council’s Local Laws team on 03 5461 0610

  • Snake safety

During the warm weather snakes become more active and visible.

Eastern Brown Snakes are most common in our region with the occasional Tiger Snake or Red Bellied Black Snake usually found around wetlands, creeks and rivers.

Some key points to remember about living in or visiting an area with snakes:

1. When left alone, snakes present little or no danger to people.
2. If you see a snake, keep calm and move yourself and anyone with you (including pets) away from the area.
3. Don't attempt to capture or harm snakes. 
4. Maintain lawns and clean up around your house, as snakes are attracted to shelter such as piles of rocks and timber, sheets of metal, and building materials.
5. Undertake first aid training and ensure your first aid kit contains several compression bandages, and if someone is bitten, call 000 immediately.

If you encounter a snake, contact DELWP on 136 186 and they will put you in touch with your nearest snake catcher.