Public Transport - Your Stories


Whether you use public transport every day or almost never, we want to hear from you! 

Being able to get around our communities is incredibly important. Transport helps to connect us to jobs, study, services, friends, and family. But not everyone has a car or is able to drive- whether due to age, cost, injury, or any number of other reasons.

This makes public transport vital, to support members of our community who just don't have the option of driving; but current public transport options are limited in some areas of Central Goldfields, and non-existent in others.

The Central Goldfields Youth Council is asking community members to share their experiences of public transport in the Shire, to help build a picture of why our community needs public transport. The Youth Council will then use these stories to campaign for better options and services across the region. Everyone is invited to respond, even if you only walk or drive.

To share your story, please take a few minutes to fill out the survey below. The survey takes approximately 5 minutes to complete, and responses are anonymous unless you choose to include your contact details.

Any stories used by the Youth Council in a public campaign will be de-identified, unless express written permission is received from the author. If you have any questions about this survey, please contact



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