Rubbish/Waste Collection

Rubbish Collection

Council provides kerbside collection services in the townships of Maryborough, Carisbrook, Dunolly, Talbot and Bealiba with some rural areas also included in a collection service.

What day is my bin collected? 

To find out what day your bin is collected type in your address using our interactive map or download a copy the 2023-2024 waste calendar here(PDF, 90KB)  or view below. 

Waste calendar .jpg


How often is my bin collected?

The General waste (rubbish) bin (red lid) is collected weekly (80 litres) in urban areas and fortnightly (140 litres) in approved rural areas. You can choose to have a bigger or additional bins for an additional fee. Use the Upsize-Downsize-Service.pdf(PDF, 170KB) form.

The Recycling bin 240 litres (yellow lid) is collected fortnightly. Additional bins are available for an extra fee. Use the Upsize-Downsize-Service.pdf(PDF, 170KB)  form. Not sure what can or can't be recycled? Visit Sustainability of Victoria to find out

The Green Waste collection service is an optional service available for an annual fee. Sign up to our Food Organics and Garden Organics collection service to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill! Turn your kitchen scraps and green waste into compost.

Bins are collected the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month. Free bagged compost is offered to participants, subject to availability.

Please see the Green-Waste-Service.pdf(PDF, 157KB)  section for more information on this service.


My bin hasn’t been collected – what do I do?

If your bin has not been emptied, but your neighbours bins have been, please call Waste Recyclers Victoria on 1800 556 952.

Alternatively contact Council's Waste Management Team on (03) 5461 0610

If you’re not able to speak to someone leave a message and leave your bin out in case it is collected the next day.

Bins will only be emptied where:

  • The bin was out in time,
  • The bin was placed correctly, and
  • The bin was not over-filled or too heavy

What goes in each bin?

To find out what goes in your Rubbish Bin (red lid); Recycling Bin (yellow lid); Green Waste Bin (green lid) refer to the Sustainable Waste Management Guide(PDF, 5MB) or click here to use Sustainability Victoria's interactive tool.

Bin Day Reminders

Place your bins correctly:

• Near the kerb or roadside.

• Face wheels/handle away from the road.

• Allow half a metre between bins and other objects.

• Keep bins away from over hanging trees.

• Away from parked cars.

Keep your bin light. Trucks use a mechanical arm to empty your bin. If it’s too heavy to wheel to the kerb it’s probably too heavy to lift.

Prevent litter

Make sure your bin lid closes properly so no items escape and animals can’t get in to make a mess. Extra boxes or bags beside the bin cannot be collected.

Large amounts of rubbish

For larger amounts of waste for disposal, please see the information on transfer stations and hard rubbish.

Recycling can be dropped off at transfer stations at no cost.

How much does the service cost?

The garbage and recycling charges are for the collection of kerbside bins and only apply to households receiving those services.

The Waste Management Fee is collected from all ratepayers as a contribution to community waste management costs, such as rehabilitation of landfill sites. 

 The charges for residential waste and recycling collection in 2023/2024 are:

Bin type

Annual Charge

Standard Garbage Charge – 80L urban & 140L rural


Non-Standard Garbage Charge - 140L urban and 240L rural


Green Waste Collection Charge - 240L urban (optional service)


Waste Management Fee