Food Systems Roadmap

What would make it easier for you to eat healthy?

Central Goldfields Shire Council is creating a Roadmap for a healthy food system- and we want to hear from you!


Background - what is a food system?

Food is essential to everyone, and the circular journey our food takes - from paddock to plate, and back again - connects people from all walks of life, across industries, ages, and communities.

The people and processes involved in feeding our communities are known collectively as the food system. The success of the local food system has a direct impact on our health and wellbeing, the growth of our children, the environment, and the local economy.


What's being done?

We know that one of the best ways to make the food system better for children and young people, is to make it better for everyone. Council is only one small part of the local food system, so we need to work with the whole community to make a difference.

To start, we are working with VicHealth and Sustain – The Australian Food Network, to build a Food Systems Roadmap - a plan forward, shared by the whole community, to make our food system better.

Some work has already been done on this through the Central Goldfields Food Network, Healthy Loddon Campaspe, and Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden initiatives, but we know there are many more parts of the community we need to hear from.


How to have your say

Some upcoming opportunities to have input on the Roadmap include:

  • A stall at the Talbot Farmer’s Market, Sunday 21st April
  • A stall at the Goldfields Community Festival, Saturday 27th April

Once a draft Roadmap document has been prepared, it will also be open for comment and feedback online, expected in June 2024.

You can also contact Gemma Simpson (Children and Young People First Project Officer) to discuss the project at: / 0428 941 399