28 June 2022, Mayor Cr Chris Meddows-Taylor- The Advertiser

Published on 28 June 2022


Council always welcomes Government funding for added youth activities. I have previously shared some of those activities and how well supported they are, which is also a tribute to our small Youth team on Council’s staff and the brilliant job they do.

The recent funding for a Youth Council was especially welcome given how impactful these have been in other locations and the opportunity they offer to develop leadership capability in young people.

It was a real thrill to be invited to be on the selection panel for the Youth Council and to have the opportunity to interview the young people (14-23 years of age) who have nominated for this role.

I was unprepared for the level of thoughtfulness, reflection and awareness which these young people offered. Each of them has thought deeply about our community, the needs of young people, the importance of inclusiveness and belonging and the importance of feeling safe. Many saw it as an opportunity to put something back into their community.

This is not only a real credit to them but to their families, teachers and the community. It also points to the availability of learning and opportunities for new thinking and development of added sensitivity. Clearly our system of school education is delivering. I am looking forward to the journey ahead of engagement with the Youth Council.

Clearly life’s journey will take some of them to different places. If even a small number remain or return and contribute to community leadership, our future is very bright indeed.


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