Advertised Planning Applications

Planning Permit Applications on Public Notice

Carisbrook Flood Mitigation Levee application

Application Form(PDF, 2MB)

Notice(PDF, 195KB)

DELWP Consent(PDF, 184KB)

VicTrack Consent(PDF, 894KB)

Title Documents(PDF, 422KB)

Design Plan(PDF, 285KB)

Proposed Subdivision Plan(PDF, 411KB) 1

Proposed Subdivision Plan 2(PDF, 257KB)

Vegetation Report(PDF, 651KB)

Hydrology Report(PDF, 16MB)

Cultural Heritage(PDF, 2MB)

Planning Submission(PDF, 1MB)

 20-24 Derby Road, MARYBOROUGH VIC 3465

 096-2019-Planning-Permit-Application-Maryborough-Toyota-096-19.pdf(PDF, 2MB)

096-19-PUBLIC-NOTICE.pdf(PDF, 42KB)

096-2019-Maryborough-Toyota-Signage-Package.pdf(PDF, 10MB)

096-2019-Plans-Maryborough-Toyota-096-19.pdf(PDF, 749KB)

096-2019-Plan-for-Maryborough-Toyota-1-of-2.pdf(PDF, 47KB)

096-2019-Title-for-Maryborough-Toyota-1-of-2.pdf(PDF, 12KB)

096-2019-Title-for-Maryborough-Toyota-2-of-2.pdf(PDF, 12KB)

096-2019-Title-Plan-for-Maryborough-Toyota.pdf(PDF, 105KB)


Viewing Application Documents

You can view digital copies of application documentation by clicking the above link. Alternatively, the plans and supporting documentation associated with each application on public notice can be viewed at the Council's Customer Service Centre at 22 Nolan Street, Maryborough during opening hours up until the 'no decision before' date listed on the cover page of each application exhibition file (see above link).



Objections must be in writing and include the name of the objector, the address of the objector, and how the proposal will affect the objector. Objections will be considered if they are received prior to a decision being made. Council will not make a decision before the date listed listed on the cover page of each application exhibition file (see above link). Objections received by Council after a decision has been made cannot be considered. Council must make a copy of every objection received available for public viewing at its offices.