Go Goldfields

Go Goldfields is our community working together towards a positive future.

When we talk about Go Goldfields the ‘we’ is not the team at Council but everyone who has an opinion, passion, commitment and influence to help us achieve our shared vision of:

Our community aspiring, achieving and living a full life where:

  • Everyone lives equally free from all forms of violence
  • Children are loved and safe
  • Everyone has the language and literacy skills needed
  • Young people are celebrated as they strive to reach their full potential
  • Everyone can learn, earn, achieve and dream

These are ambitious outcomes and to help us achieve this we have structures and processes in place and commitments from:

  • Community (people who live, work and play in the community)
  • Services and Education
  • Business
  • Philanthropy and other funders
  • Government departments
  • Peak Bodies

Council provides the backbone support for this collaborative effort to achieve these ambitious shared aspirations.

For more information visit Go Goldfields. 

For a copy of the Go Goldfields 2018 Year in Review, click here(PDF, 1MB).