Flood Recovery Works

Floods Bet Bet Creek.jpg

Delivering the upgrades needed to repair and restore our road infrastructure following last year’s flood event continues to be a focus for Central Goldfields Shire.

Whilst a significant amount of works has been carried out, there are several packages of works to repair roads, bridges and associated infrastructure still to be delivered.

At the October,2023 Council Meeting, Councillors moved a notion of motion as urgent business. The purpose of the motion was to ensure the next round of flood mitigation works can be carried out as quickly as possible.

Increasing the CEO’s financial delegation means these contracts can be awarded without having to wait for the next Council Meeting. Essentially it means these critical works can be carried out as quickly as possible.

Here's a breakdown of the packages that have been completed and what is underway: 

Package 1 - High Priority - COMPLETE

Package 1 is now complete and was delivered by Shay Excavations. 

The list of roads restored as part of this package are detailed below: 



Archdale Road

Grading and gravel resheeting where necessary


Argyle Lane

Grading and gravel resheeting where necessary


Baker Road

Repair of failed culvert, grading and gravel resheeting where necessary


Carisbrook Betley Road

Grading and gravel resheeting where necessary


Deledio Access Road



Lillicur Road

Repair drainage infrastructure, Grading and gravel resheeting where necessary


Mc Intyres Road

Grading and gravel resheeting where necessary


Mt Cameron Road



Prices Road

Grading and gravel resheeting where necessary


Scent Farm Road North

Grading and gravel resheeting where necessary


Scent Farm Road South

Repair drainage infrastructure, Grading and gravel resheeting where necessary


Majorca Road

Repair unsealed gravel shoulders

Rodborough Road

Shoulder works




Package 2 - Maintenance Grading - COMPLETE

Package 2 is now complete and was delivered by Council's Operations team:



Bung Bung Longs Road


Barkly St, Dunolly


Bucklands Lane, Talbot


Douglass Road, Timor


Gordon Road, Wareek


Hickeys Road,


Hoopers Road, Carisbrook


Longs Road, Bealiba


Longs Road, Timor


McGilvray Road, Timor


Norwood Road, Timor


Potters Lane, Talbot


Old School Road COMPLETE

Wareek Road


Wareek-Homebush Road COMPLETE


Package 3 - Flood Debris Removal - COMPLETE

Package 3 is now complete and was delivered by Shay Excavations: 

flood debris removal.png


Package 4 - Road Grading - COMPLETE

Package 4 commenced late October, 2023 and was completed in February, 2024. 

Road grading was carried out at the following locations: 


Roads in Package 4

Albert Street

Alfred Joyce Road

Alice Street

Alma Bowenvale Road

Alma Moonlight Road

Apple Jack Road

Atherton Road North

Avoca Bealiba Road Service

Baker Lane

Bald Hill Road

Bartletts Road

Bassett Street

Bealiba South Road

Bell Road

Bet Bet Mt Hooghly Road

Birketts Lane

Black Lane

Blackmores Road

Blacksmith Gully Road

Boromeo Road

Brown Street

Buicks Road

Burke Street

Burnt Creek Lane

Cambridge Street

Camp Street

Cemetery Road

Cemetery Road

Chambers Road

Cheeseman Lane

Clarkes Road

Cobbs Road

Connor Lane

Cornthwaites Road

Cortesi Road

Crameri Road

Crespigny Street

Dabonde Road

Davies Road

Davies Street

Dehnerts Road

Denyers Road

Donovans Road

Duncombe Road

Dunn Road

Dunolly Archdale Road

Dunolly Timor Road

Emu Archdale Road

Fink Street

Forbes Lane

Fosters Road

Four Mile Lane

Freehold Lane

Freemantles Road

Fyffe Street

Galloways Road

Gane Street

Gladstone Lane

Gladstone Street

Gloury Road

Goldsborough Road

Goldsmith Lane

Grant Street

Greenoch Park Lane

Hall Road

Halls Road

Hard Hills Track

Harkin Court

Havelock Baringhup Road

Hemleys Road

Hospital Street

Howards Lane

Hurns Road

Johnson Road

Johnson Street

Keillor Lane

Kicks Lane

Kingston Road

Logan Road

Lovel Street

Maffescioni Road

Magpie Lane

Maguire Road

Mason Road

Matthews Road

Maude Street

Mcardles Lane

Mcclure Street

Mcdermaids Road

Mcleods Road

Mia Mia Road

Miller Road

Moolort Street

Moonlight Road

Moores Flat Road

Mosquito Road

Mount View Road

Moyreisk North Road

Mt Cameron Cotswold Road

Mt Glasgow Road

Mullins Eddington Road

Mullins Road

Nesbet Road

Newitts Lane

Nicholls Bridge Road

Nicholsons Lane North

Nicholsons Lane South

Nuggetty Gully Road

Off Mt Glasgow Road

Off Prospect Place

Old Avoca Road

Orme Street

Peace Lane

Peel Street

Phillip Hill Road

Pilchers Road

Plantation Road

Plumpton Lane

Pollocks Road

Possum Gully Road

Potts Lane

Proctors Lane

Prospect Place

Puzzle Flat Road

Quarry Road

Queen Street

Queens Birthday Mine Road

Railway Flats Road

Red Lion Road

Reservoir Road

Rudrum Road

Russells Road

Saligaris Road

Salmon Road

Scenic Road

Scott Lane

Scotts Road

Sebastopol Road

Seers Road

Separation Road

Seymour Road

Shepherds Road

Shiells Lane

Simson Road West

Smalls Road

Solomano Lane

Sorrensons Road

Stevens Lane

Stoneham Drive

Svensen Road

Swamp Road

Taggart Drive

Talbot Road

Talbot Transfer Station Road

Timor Bromley Road

Timor Mt Hooghly Road

Tolmer Road

Trafalgar Street

Treble Court

Treble Lane

Trickeys Road

Trowers Lane

Tunstalls Lane

Virginia Street

Wanlace Road

Wattle Gully Road

Weirs Road

Wellington Street

Whiteheads Lane

Whites Lane

Whittles Road

William Street

Williamson Court

Wills Street

Woodlands Road

Woodward Road

Yeomans Lane




Package 5 - Sealed road and shoulder repairs - COMPLETE

Package 5 is now complete. The works were delivered by Fulton Hogan and included sealed road and shoulder repairs.

Locations included: 

Avoca Bealiba Road – Bealiba

Avoca Road – Talbot

Bealiba South Road – Bealiba

Bet Bet Mt Hooghly Road – Dunolly

Commercial Road – Carisbrook

Dunolly Avoca Road – Timor

Dunolly Timor Road – Dunolly

Fells Gully Road – Carisbrook

Galloways Road – Carisbrook

Locks Lane – Carisbrook

Middle Road – Dunolly

MtCameron Cotwold Road – Carisbrook

Mt Greenoch Road – Carisbrook

Old Eddington Road – Carisbrook

Poole Street – Maryborough

Potts Lane – Carisbrook

Sebastopol Road – Maryborough

Separation Road – Dunolly

Stuart Mill Road – Bealiba

Timor Bromley Road – Dunolly

Tullaroop Road – Maryborough

Virtue Street – Maryborough

Wedderburn Dunolly Road – Bealiba




Package 6 is currently with the Victorian Government as part of the funding assessment approval stage. The works, which include culvert and structure erosion repairs, are currently being assessed by the Department of Transport and Planning as the appointed DRFA assessors. 

Locations will be published on this page when works are about to commence. 


The process to here:

The October 2022 floods caused significant damage to infrastructure and property throughout our municipality. 

For us to submit a claim to recover the costs of this repair work through the Federal Government’s National Disaster Financial Assistance program – we were required to provide a detailed scope of the repair work.

We engaged Shepherd Services – an experienced asset management and impact assessment consultancy firm to assess the damage and provide a detailed summary of what was needed.

The assessment identified that $9.8+ million (excluding GST) of repairs were needed to restore damaged roads, culverts, and other public infrastructure in our Shire. 

The road network restoration program will deliver:

  • Repairs and cleaning of major and minor culvert/bridges
  • Cleaning and reinstatement of roadside table drain
  • Gravel resheeting and grading of damaged unsealed roads
  • Repairs to sealed roads including reinstatement of potholes, rehabilitation of failed pavement and repair of unsealed shoulders where necessary
  • Vegetation removal and replacement of damaged signs

Until these works are complete, we remind motorists to drive to the conditions and please be careful when using the roads, especially gravel ones.