Burning off

Central Goldfields Shire residents living in residential areas are required to obtain a 'Permit to Burn' before burning off. 

Burning of your household or garden waste in the open or using a backyard incinerator is banned year round without a permit.

A Permit to Burn must be issued before the applicant can burn, applicants should allow at least five days for the permit to be issued. An on-the-spot fine will be issued to people who light a fire without first obtaining a permit. This ban prevents fires and protects public health, especially people with breathing difficulties like asthma.

Download: Open Air Burning Off Permit(PDF, 227KB)

Return to Council via email or in person at Council's Customer Service Centre, 22 Nolan St, Maryborough.

General Local Law 2015

Open Air Burning 

3.2 Without a permit a person must not light a fire in the open air, unless the fire is lit - 

(a)  in a barbecue, for the purpose of cooking food; or 

(b) in a farming area or within one of the rural zones. 

3.3 Without a permit a person must not light, or allow to remain alight, an incinerator. 

Unsure if your property is located within a residential area? 

Refer to the Permit to Burn Fact Sheets in your locality for clarification: 







Alternatively, you can reduce your fuel load and dispose of waste by: