Planning for an Emergency

Your emergency plan

In the case of an emergency, what is your plan? It is important that all of your family members understand your plan and are ready to enact it in an emergency.

Prepare your plan now – download the In an Emergency What is Your Plan(PDF, 7MB) guide to help you get started. 

The Red Cross website also provides some great information on preparing for emergencies. 

To help financially prepare you and your family if things go wrong, access the 'Insure it, it's worth it Toolkit'.  


For information relating to fire preparedness, please visit the Fire Ready section of Council’s website.

Floods and storms

Floods and storms are one of the most frequent and costly natural disasters. 

Find out how to be prepared at the Vic Emergency website. 

For information about preparing for floods and storms visit:


For more information visit our Heatwave section of this website or our Northern Victorian Emergency Management Heatwave Plan(PDF, 2MB)

Emergency broadcasters

Stay tuned into an emergency broadcaster to hear emergency updates, community alerts and other important messages.

The following radio stations will provide up to date information about the emergency:

  • ABC Radio (107.9FM and 91.1FM)
  • 3BA (102.3)
  • Power FM (103.1)

Follow Vic Emergency on Facebook and @CFA, @VicSES Warnings and @VicEmergency on Twitter for up to date information on incidents.

VicEmergency Website and App

The VicEmergency website provides the Victorian community with one, centralised location for emergency warnings and information.

The site includes all warnings for fires, hazardous material incidents, storms, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and traffic hazards.

Download the app or save the website as a favourite for notifications of events in your area.

Useful resources

The Northern Victorian Emergency Management Cluster has also put together a number of useful resources for people living with a disability, to help them prepare for an emergency:

Being prepared for bushfire(PDF, 2MB)

Being prepared for flood(PDF, 7MB)

Being prepared for grass fire(PDF, 1MB)

Being prepared for storm (PDF, 6MB)

Being prepared for extreme heat(PDF, 654KB)