Fire restrictions

1. When is the Fire Danger period in the Central Goldfields Shire?

The Fire Danger Period is determined by the Country Fire Authority and typically commences in November or December each year. 

During the Fire Danger Period no burning off is permitted within the municipality without a permit. 

2. What is the Fire Danger Period?

The Fire Danger Period is a period of the year when the fire danger risk is deemed to be high by the Country Fire Authority.

This period extends from late spring, through summer and into autumn, when conditions are dry and hot.

The Country Fire Authority advertises the date of commencement of the Fire Danger Period in local newspapers. 

The start and finish of the Fire Danger Period varies across the municipality so inquiries should always be made if you intend to burn or if you see fires burning during the Fire Danger Period. 

Further information on planned burning, warnings and incidents can be obtained from the VicEmergency website or Hotline on 1800 226 226.

3. What can I or can't I do during the Fire Danger Period?

During the Fire Danger Period, fires in the open are subject to legal restrictions. 

A Fact Sheet has been prepared by the Country Fire Authority which provides residents with detailed information about what can or can't be done during the Fire Danger Period and on days of Total Fire Ban. 

You can download a copy from the CFA website.

4. What can I do during when the Fire Danger Period ends?

see Burning Off