A message from our Mayor


We all recognise we need to pay taxes to fund a variety of programs, services and infrastructure by government to meet our needs in our society and community.

Council rates are a tax based on property. It is estimated that council rates comprise 3.6% of government taxes over all.

In fact that small amount supports over 40 core services to the community and over 130 specific service lines. In our Shire those services commence in the early years with Maternal and Child Welfare and extends through to the later years with our Positive Ageing Strategy.

Our infrastructure and assets are also extensive and cover local roads and footpaths, community halls, libraries, sporting and recreation facilities, parks and open spaces and so much more. Our beautiful goldfields heritage buildings are treasured but are costly to maintain.

Our capital works program is three times bigger than in a normal year, due to our success in attracting investment by State and Federal Government through capital grants.

Occasionally some say councils should stick to roads, rates and rubbish. Which services or assets would those people wish us to surrender?

Councils provide the extensive range of services and support our communities expect and demand. For a small rural Council like Central Goldfields that is actually a real challenge, but we know our community want and need those services.

Councillors are often asked why rates are proportionally higher in rural municipalities than in cities. The reality is a metropolitan city municipality may have ten times the amount of ratepayers but only a tenth the amount of local roads they need to maintain.

Council believes that through the fine work of our staff, we provide real value for the rates which are charged. We are committed to explore every opportunity to deliver enhanced services and community infrastructure to benefit our community.

Cr Chris Meddows-Taylor

Mayor Central Goldfields Shire Council