Current Strategic Projects

Council undertakes strategic studies in order to plan for the development and use of land into the future.  Once a study has been completed, Council may undertake a planning scheme amendment. This may update the Planning Scheme to reflect the findings and recommendations of the study.

Current studies underway in Central Goldfields:

Economic Development and Tourism Strategy

This strategy aims to provide a clear economic development vision and action plan for Central Goldfields Shire that builds on existing strengths and is responsive to local conditions and aspirations.

As well as providing a platform for securing strategic investment and partnerships, it is intended that the strategy will take a ‘bottom up’ economic development approach by identifying ways to support start-ups and small businesses to thrive. An inclusive approach that helps the whole community to participate in, and benefit from, a growing economy is also a key aspect of the process.

Council has partnered with Urban Enterprise to undertake initial consultation, independent research and analysis to identify the most important local issues within broader regional, national and global trends and put forward some potential actions for inclusion in the strategy. This work is captured in two Background and Discussion Papers – one for the general economy(PDF, 7MB) and one for the visitor economy of tourism and events(PDF, 4MB) .

We are keen to receive your feedback on whether the potential actions have ‘hit the mark’ in terms of being:

  • appropriate to the Central Goldfields context
  • likely to make a difference by engaging, energising, including and supporting people to help the local economy grow
  • an effective mix of actions Council can take, actions involving partnerships with different business sectors and advocacy for external support and investment
  • an achievable balance of big ‘transformative projects’ and practical, day-to-day actions
  • broad enough to avoid either having major omissions or relying on a single solution

How can I get involved?

Interested community members are invited to participate in the formation of the strategy by reading either or both of the discussion papers and completing a survey.The economic development survey is available at and the tourism survey can be accessed at

Inquiries can be directed to the Manager Strategy and Economic Development, Philip Schier on 5461 1610; emailing or by visiting Council's Facebook page.


Population, Housing and Residential Settlement Strategy

Central Goldfields Shire Council is undertaking a Population, Housing and Residential Settlement Strategy.

Interested community members are invited to participate in the formation of the strategy by reading background information and completing a survey.

The purpose of the strategy is to provide direction for residential growth and form under a range of growth scenarios, in order to meet the anticipated needs of the Shire’s population from 2020-2035.

Council has engaged Spatial Economics to undertake research and data analysis to provide an evidence base for decisions about how and where future residential growth should be directed.  A short paper covering key issues to consider will be available for reading, along with background documents for those who want to study the detail.

Issues include:

  • how much the population might increase due to external factors
  • whether Council should be pro-active in trying to attract new residents
  • the changing nature of household sizes, and the places people want to live
  • meeting the needs of older residents
  • the constraints of flood, bushfire risk and the natural urban boundary provided by forest surrounds
  • the cost of infrastructure to service new development

How can I get Involved?

Residents can share their ideas by completing the Population, Housing and Residential Settlement Strategy Online Survey

Further information

For further information on the Population, Housing and Residential Settlement Strategy, contact Philip Schier, Manager Strategy and Economic Development, on 5461 0610 or email