Current Planning Scheme Amendments


A planning scheme amendment is a change to the Central Goldfields Planning Scheme.

The Amendment Process

Council can undertake a planning scheme amendment to:

  • Rezone land

  • Apply or remove a planning overlay to land

  • Change or introduce a local policy; and/or

  • Make minor changes to a zone or overlay through a schedule to the zone or overlay

Only Council or the Minister for Planning can undertake a Planning Scheme Amendment, however other individuals, companies, or authorities can request Council (or the Minister for Planning) undertake a Planning Scheme Amendment on their behalf.

An amendment follows a statutory process which involves a number of steps. In general a planning scheme amendment will take 12-18 months from when Council commences the statutory process, until it comes into effect.

More Information

Under the Planning and Environment Act 1987, Council must follow certain procedures to make amendments to the planning scheme. You can find out more about the amendment process at Planning Scheme Amendments and Using Victoria's Planning System.

C031cgol Flood Study Amendment - Carisbrook and Dunolly

Council is working with the North Central Catchment Management Authority (NCCMA) to update existing planning controls for land in Central Goldfields Shire that is liable to flooding, to ensure they are accurate and up-to-date and identify the risk of flooding and flood damage to properties.

Since the controls were first introduced into the Central Goldfields Planning Scheme, the NCCMA has undertaken the North Central Regional Floodplain Management Strategy 2018-2028.  After the floods of 2011-2012, flood studies were conducted in Carisbrook(PDF, 20MB) and Dunolly(PDF, 24MB) in 2013 and 2014. These studies model the impact of flooding in both townships.  Both the Strategy and flood studies recommend that the planning scheme be updated to reflect the extent of flooding in the updated mapping.

The proposed changes to the flood controls in Carisbrook and Dunolly are shown in the maps below.  More specific information is available by accessing POZI and searching for your own property.  Use the menu icon to open the layers section, then go into Planning and select the box for Planning Scheme Amendment C031.  This will show the areas where the overlay is proposed to removed or added.



 The C031cgol Amendment

The full amendment documents are available online at DELWP, however you can also view the following documents:

Where are we up to? 

The amendment is being exhibited until Thursday 23 July.

Central Goldfields Shire Council and North Central Catchment Management Authority staff will be available to provide more details on the proposed changes and amendment process in general during this time.  We are also holding open video conferences on Zoom on the dates below:

  • Dunolly - Wednesday 17 June at 4pm
  • Carisbrook - Thursday 18 June at 4pm

If you would like to attend these sessions, or cannot attend the information sessions and would like more information, please contact Council's Customer Service Centre on (03) 5461 1610 or  


Any person who may be affected by the amendment may make a submission. Submissions must be made in writing and should:

  • Provide the submitter’s name and contact address;
  • Identify how the amendment affects you;
  • Clearly state the grounds on which the amendment is supported or opposed; and
  • Indicate what changes (if any) the submitter wishes to make.

 Please note that submissions are public documents and can be circulated to other parties.  This means that personal information such as names and addresses cannot be kept private.

Submissions must be received by Thursday 23 July, 2020 and can be submitted by:

  • post to Amendment C031cgol, Strategic Planning, Central Goldfields Shire Council 22 Nolan Street Maryborough 3465;
  • email - include Amendment C031cgol in the subject field;
  • in person Central Goldfields Shire Council Customer Service Centre, 22 Nolan Street Maryborough.

 Planning Panels Victoria

If Council receives submissions that it cannot resolve, Council will need to refer the amendment to a Planning Panel.

If a Planning Panel is required, the Directions Hearing may be held on the 26th October 2020 and the Panel Hearing on the 23rd November 2020. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Council and the NCCMA have prepared a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)(PDF, 350KB) sheet about C031cgol, and two brochures for Carisbrook(PDF, 4MB) and Dunolly(PDF, 5MB).

It is likely most general questions will be answered in these documents.

Contact Information 

For any further questions regarding the amendment please contact Council's customer service on (03) 5461 0610 or email

Completed Planning Scheme Amendments

Any changes to the Central Goldfields Planning Scheme are implemented through a planning scheme amendment. Details of some more recent amendments are below.

Most recent amendments

C027 Central Goldfields 6 July 2017 - Implement s48 Heritage Act 1995.

C025 Central Goldfields 13 March 2014 - The Amendment inserts Schedule 1 to Clause 44.06 Bushfire Management Overlay.

C023 Central Goldfields 28 June 2012 - Rezone California Gully Recreation Reserve to Residential 1 Zone plus EAO and approves use and development of the land for a place of assembly including worship centre and ancillary administrative centre and amends three zoning errors in the vicinity.

More Information 

You can find more information on recent amendments to the Central Goldfields Planning Scheme at: