Apply for a building permit

A Building Permit is a document issued by a registered building surveyor that they consider the drawings and documentation for the proposed work meets requirements for health, safety and structural soundness under the Building Code of Australia, the Building Act 1993  and the Building Regulations 2018.

A Building Permit can be issued by a private building surveyor or the building surveyor employed by Council.  A private surveyor carries out the same functions as the Council surveyor including assessment of the application, inspections and issuing all relevant paperwork.

Apply for a Permit

 On 1 July, 2019 the Victorian State Government introduced a new system for the determination and collection of the building levy and the issue of the building permit number. 

The building permit process

Once your application has been received and payment of fees made, the assessment of your application is usually completed within 10 business days. This time may vary depending on the size and complexity of the proposed works. 

On completion of the assessment, the applicant is notified of the result. This may be that the building permit is issued or that further information is required.

What other permits are required to build?

In addition to a building permit, you may require further permits or approvals prior to commencement of your building works. These approvals (excluding the crossover permit) must be obtained and provided to your Building Surveyor before the Building Permit can be issued.

  • Planning Permit(PDF, 543KB)  - For use and/or development of the building or land
  • Siting Variation(PDF, 37KB) - When a building design does not comply with the building regulation siting requirements you will need to apply for a Report & Consent (often known as dispensation)

  • Owner Builder Consent - If you are an owner builder and the value of works will be over $16,000 you will need a Certificate of Consent from the Victorian Building Authority (Value of works must include all materials and labour at a commercial value)

  • Demolition Consent(PDF, 114KB) - For demolition or removal of a building (including partial)

  • Septic System(PDF, 132KB)  - Approval to install and use a septic system