4 April 2024, Cr Anna De Villiers, The Carisbrook Mercury

Published on 04 April 2024


My main focus when I nominated and was elected as the Tullaroop Ward Councillor was to represent the community to the best of my ability, focusing on what is important and valuable.

Flowing on from this was the Carisbrook Community Conversations. Meeting with community members is inspiring, invigorating and extremely valuable.  I love pitching ideas and gaining insight and perspectives from community members.

Talking to multiple groups and individuals over time gave me a very clear picture of the way forward, working together.

The one thing I have learnt these past three years is the importance of breaking down the silos that exist in communities. People and groups focused on doing their own thing and not wanting to work together for the greater good.  As one of our presenters at the International Women’s Day said, that happens when egos get in the way of common sense.

Organising and hosting the International Women’s Day luncheon as Tullaroop Ward Councillor was a highlight and would not have been possible without the help and support of a group of individuals. I am not going to name them. They know who they are. A big shout out to you!

I am excited about the announcement that Council is advertising for expressions of interest for people to join the Tullaroop Creek Advisory Group.  Applications are open for another two weeks. The commitment will not be a burden. We have a very well developed plan and I will be chairing the committee.

Cr Anna De Villiers

Tullaroop Ward


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