Centralised Kindergarten Registration 2025

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We are committed to facilitating an equitable application and allocation process for families to access high quality early education services for children. The Central Registration Scheme will support families to identify the seven local kindergartens located in the Central Goldfields Shire and participate in the allocation process in a transparent and fair manner. 


 Apply for Kindergarten

Step 1.1. Complete your kindergarten registration online 

You will be required to nominate three kindergarten preferences as part of your application. Please try to choose kindergartens that you would be happy to accept a place at. Some children are eligible for priority allocation. They might also be eligible for reduced cost or free kindergarten.  

Step 2.2. Wait for your offer  

 Once you have submitted your registration, you will receive an email offering you one of your preferences.  

Step 3.3. Accept your offer  

This offer will need to be accepted and returned - the letter of offer will detail how you need to do this (please not if it is not accepted the offer will expire and you may miss your spot at your preferred kindergarten.

Step 4.4. Complete enrolment with kindergarten   

When the kindergarten has received your accepted offer, they will get in touch with you direct with their enrolment form for you to complete.   



Key Dates

First Round

Opens Monday 3 June, 2024 

Closes Friday 12 July, 2024 

Registrations collected during round one will be processed after Friday 12 July, 2024 following the priority of access guidelines.

Second round

Opens Monday 9 September, 2024 and remains open 

Please note - applications received after the Friday 12 July will be considered in the second round and will be processed in the order they are received. 

Click here to register for kindergarten:

2023 Kinder Registration

2024 Kinder Registration


2024 Key Dates

First Round

Opens Monday 3 June 2024 and closes Friday 12 July 2024.  

Registrations collected during round one will be processed after Friday 12 July, following the priority of access guidelines.

Second round

Opens Monday 9 September 2024 and remains open. 

Please note - applications received after the Friday 12 July will be considered in the second round and will be processed in the order they are received. 


What is the central registration scheme for kindergarten?

We are committed to facilitating an equitable application and allocation process for families to access high quality early education services for children.

The central registration scheme will support families to identify the seven local kindergartens in the Central Goldfields Shire and participate in the allocation process in a transparent and fair manner. 

The Central Goldfields Shire Central Registration Policy and Procedure Document can be accessed here. 


About kindergarten

Kindergarten (sometimes called ‘state funded kindergarten’, ‘preschool’) is two years of early education for children in the years before they start primary school.

Kindergarten gives your child important opportunities to learn, make friends and develop skills through a play-based curriculum, and helps prepare your child for their transition to primary school.

Kindergarten programs are developed and delivered by qualified degree qualified teachers in accordance with the National Early Years Learning Framework, Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework; they must abide by the National Education and Care Law and Regulations. 

When to start kindergarten


If your child was:  

Year Eligible for 3YO

Year Eligible for 4YO

Year Eligible to attend school

Born before 30 April 2020




Born before 30 April 2021




 Born before 30 April 2022  2025  2026  2027


Information for enrolment

When enrolling your child at kindergarten you will be required to show the following documents.  

  • your child’s birth certificate or other identity documents 

  • your child's medical health and immunisation status 

  • details of any parenting orders or legal matters to do with the care or safety of your child. The kindergarten must keep your information private. 


*** Please note the above documents are not required to complete the Central Kinder Registration process. They are only required when enrolling direct with your kindergarten.  


What does it cost?

  • The Victorian State Government subsidises places for eligible children to attend two years of kindergarten. An additional subsidy is available to eligible families to provide free or low-cost kindergarten. For more information, visit  www.education.vic.gov.au 

  •  Families not eligible for this subsidy will be required to pay an attendance fee, set by each kindergarten to cover the ‘gap’ between the Government subsidy and the cost of running the kindergarten program. 

  • Some Kindergarten Providers offer their kindergarten program as part of a long day care place and charge a daily rate. If your child attends kindergarten in one of these programs, you might be eligible for the Child Care Subsidy (CCS). You can contact your preferred kindergarten for more information on fees or visit https://www.servicesaustralia.gov.au/individuals/services/centrelink/child-care-subsidy/who-can-get-it for further information on CCS eligibility. 



Priority of Access

Priority of Access recognises Commonwealth and State Government and local area criteria to ensure fair, equitable and transparent allocation of places for all eligible children. 

Priority of Access is given to: 

• Children who are funded for a second year of four-year-old kindergarten (or ESK enrolments) 

• Children at risk of abuse or neglect, including children in Out of Home Care. 

• Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander children 

• Asylum seeker and refugee children 

• Children eligible for the Kindergarten Fee Subsidy: a child or parent hold a Commonwealth Health Care Card, Pensioner Concession Card, Veteran’s Affairs card, or multiple birth children (triplets, quadruplets) 

• Children with additional needs, defined as children who: require additional assistance to fully participate in the kindergarten program, require a combination of services which are individually planned, have an identified specific disability or developmental delay. 

• Children with siblings also at the kindergarten and have attended this kindergarten in previous years. 

Selection Criteria 

If there are more applications than places available, priority will be given in this order: 

  1. Children eligible for ESK. 

  1. Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander children. 

  1. Children who were eligible to attend in the previous year but deferred. 

When demand exceeds availability, the Approved Provider will refer to the service’s values, philosophy and Inclusion and Equity Policy to determine the priority of access. 

This will include: 

• Children who were eligible to attend in the previous year but deferred or withdrew from the service prior to the April data collection. 

• priority of access criteria as outlined in

The Kindergarten Guide available at: https://www.vic.gov.au/kindergarten-funding-guide 

Locally agreed criteria 

Criteria related to the residential address of the family or carers, for example. 

• Children who live in the municipality. 

• Children whose families are in the process of moving to the municipality 

• Children who are cared for in the municipality 

• Children who are likely to attend school in the municipality. 

Residential proximity to the service, for example 

• Children who reside within 5km distance of the service 

• Children who are cared for within 5km distance of the service. 

Criteria for non-resident families, for example 

• The child’s parent/carers is working within the municipality 

• The child’s parent carers is studying for volunteering with the municipality 

• The child attends a childcare service in the municipality 

• The child has sibling(s) attending a school or another service within the same neighbourhood as the 


Criteria relating to families with a demonstrable link to the service, for example. 

• The child has a sibling who is enrolled and attending this service 

• The child attended three-year-old kindergarten at this service. 

• Disadvantaged or vulnerable child who has accessed ESK grant or Access to Early learning program in the previous year. 

Families who think they may be eligible for Priority of Access can contact us for assistance on 5461 0610 

or central.registrations@cgoldshire.vic.gov.au 

Need help?

If you need support to complete the registration process please make contact with us:

Email: Central.Registrations@cgoldshire.vic.gov.au

Phone: The Nest on 0460 816 540. 

In person: You can drop into The Nest between Monday and Friday from 10am to 12noon and 1pm to 3pm. The Nest is located opposite the Maryborough Regional Library at 91 Nolan Street, Maryborough. The Nest Facilitator will help you register and access your emails from a public computer.  

Times and days could be subject to change pending enrolments. Please always check with your preferred kindergarten choices. More information about our seven local kindergartens, including contact details and sessions days and times, is provided on this webpage. 


Frequently asked questions?

How do I choose the right kindergarten?  

The kindergarten that is closest to your residence is usually the best option. This ensures that the child builds a good community connection and will likely know children when transitioning into primary school. However regardless of proximity, kindergarten is a personal choice based on what each kindergarten offers within their program room and outside in the play area. It is recommended that you visit kindergartens assist you in deciding which would be more suitable for your child. 

When does kindergarten start? 

 Kindergarten starts the same week as school terms. If there is any changes your kindergarten will notify you. You will be advised of your days and times by your kindergarten or cluster manager. Any questions around your program should be directed to them. 

Can I change my preferences? 

Changes after the closing date are subject to availability of places. If you want to change your preference after you have accepted an offer you will need to contact the Kindergarten Central Registration Officer to be advised of vacancies in your new preferred kindergarten and to explain the process. Email: centralregistrations@cgoldshire.vic.gov.au  to update your changes 

I have been allocated my first preference - what now? 

  •  If you have received an offer and choose to accept it, you will secure a place and be contacted by the kindergarten or early years manager to complete enrolment details. You will be provided with program information to complete and return to the kindergarten. All communication will now be with your kindergarten. For any information regarding timetables or group information please refer directly to your kindergarten’s website. 
  • If you choose to accept and withdraw (defer) your place, you will be given priority for your place in the following year. You will need to complete a new online enrolment form in the following year, as government requirements can change, and additional information may be required.  
  • If you decline your place, we will make your kindergarten enrolment inactive. You will not receive another offer the following year. However, if your circumstances change contact us on 5461 0610 Kindergarten Central Registration  

I have not been allocated my first preference, in addition to the other options, the following would need to be considered if you do not receive your first preference. 

Can I register more than one child?  

Yes. But you need to complete a separate application for each of your children. 


Choosing A Kinder

Information about our seven local kindergartens can be found on their individual web pages. Click below to see their session days and times, and contact details.

AG Leech

Californian Gully



TL Stone

Goldfields Family Centre

Roseberry House