Integrated Transport Strategy

Integrated Transport Strategy (ITS)


At Central Goldfields Shire we are investigating how our community gets from one place to another, where that’s by private or public transport, active transport or community transport.

(PDF, 327KB)Public Transport Map(PDF, 220KB)

As the map above shows, there’s limited public transport options in Central Goldfields Shire. Therefore Central Goldfields community have a high level of car ownership and use. But for many, active transport and public transport are the only ways to save on transport costs.

Council daily driving costs are around $42 (fuel, rego, servicing, insurance and car financing).  If money is saved on driving costs, money can be spent locally – or more cash for discretionary items.  As well as more cash in the pocket on saving driving costs, walking and cycling benefit people by getting them moving.  Active transport increases daily physical activity levels and reduces greenhouse gas emissions through a reduction in cars on the road. Other benefits include improved social well-being and a greater sense of community.


Central Goldfields Shire Council and the Victorian Government Department of Transport are developing an ITS to demonstrate how Council will seek to address access and transport needs across the municipality.   Movement and Place Consulting (M&PC) have been contracted to undertake the ITS.  Together with the community, we will determine issues and opportunities with various modes of transport and how they cater for the various trip demands of the community.

The study seeks to determine the current ways people living in and travelling to Central Goldfields access the various key destinations and how transport options could be improved. The study will explore the current transport networks including, active, public, private and community transport.

Following an analysis of these networks, the study will then seek to identify issues and opportunities which will inform strategic transport directions in the future, which will align with current broader strategic work in the region and state.

How can I have my say?

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For further information

For further information on the Central Goldfields Integrated Transport Strategy, contact Amy Bell, Strategic Planner, on 5461 0685 or email