Communications and Engagement - we want to hear from you!

Submissions closed on 15 January 2021, 05:00 PM


We’re calling for the community to provide feedback on our Draft Community Participation and Engagement Policy(PDF, 2MB) and Draft Communications and Engagement Strategy(PDF, 3MB) .

Why is it important?

This is Council’s opportunity to re-assess, re-invigorate and refresh the way we engage and communicate with the community moving forward.

What is the Draft Community Participation and Engagement Policy?

■ Council’s commitment to listening to and understanding our community’s aspirations values and needs to improve Council’s planning and delivery of services.

■ It aims to further strengthen the community engagement activities that have been undertaken in previous years

■ It provides guidance and support to Councillors and Council staff in the performance of their duties in accordance of the Local Government Act 2020.

What is the Draft Communications and Engagement Strategy?

■ It supports the Council Plan and details the actions Council will undertake to deliver on the Draft Community Participation and Engagement Policy

■ It provides a guided approach to delivering effective inclusive communication to residents and stakeholders.

■ It features a clear action plan so Council can continually improve communication and engagement methods into the future.

Where can I read the documents and provide feedback?

■ Online – Read the documents here:

Draft Community Participation and Engagement Policy(PDF, 2MB)

Draft Communications and Engagement Strategy(PDF, 3MB)

(PDF, 3MB)and provide feedback via our online survey. 

■ Social media – Participate in an online poll here. 

■ In person – dates, times and locations below: 

  • Tuesday 5 January, 7 to 8.30pm – Resource Centre, Maryborough
  • Wednesday 6 January, 10.30am to 12.30pm – Broadway, Dunolly (outside Dunolly Bakery) 
  • Thursday 7 January, 7 to 8.30pm – Community Garden, Talbot (next to Talbot Provedore and Eatery)
  • Friday 8 January, 10.30am to 12.30pm – Carisbrook Post Office Café
  • Monday 11 January, 7 to 8.30pm – Carisbrook Senior Citizens Centre, Urquhart Street 
  • Tuesday 12 January, 10.30am to 12.30pm – outside Talbot Post Office
  • Wednesday 13 January, 7 to 8.30pm – Rene Fox Gardens, Dunolly 
  • Thursday 14 January, 10.30am to 12.30pm – Resource Centre, Maryborough 


■ Email –

■ Phone – Contact Council’s Community Engagement team on 0457 604 252

 Feedback is required by Friday 15 January, 2021.