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Published on 04 August 2021


What a great outcome Council and Coliban Water have achieved for our local Bealiba community.

If you have visited Orme Snowden Park recently, you would have noticed a new addition to the barbecue area.

Via a partnership with Coliban Water, Council has installed a new water fountain for local residents to enjoy.

This new addition was in response to community feedback to Council and I am really happy to see this project has become a reality.

The water fountain is an important reminder for Coliban Water’s ‘Choose Tap’ campaign which encourages residents to choose tap water over bottled water as water bottles can have a negative effect on the environment. According to some researchers, they estimate that due to the PET used in plastic water bottles, it could take upwards of 450 years for a water bottle to decompose.

The new water fountain is the latest in a line of other water fountains in our Shire, including a Coliban Water drinking fountain at the Gordon Gardens in Dunolly, and more recently in partnership with Central Highlands Water, a touch free water fountain station at Princes Park Maryborough was delivered.

Congratulations to the Bealiba community in their push to get their very own water fountain – I encourage all residents to take advantage of this great new community asset.

In more good news for Bealiba, Council has recently completed a new 140 metre footpath that runs from the north side of Main Street opposite the Town Hall to Davies Street.

During my election campaign listening posts in Bealiba I had residents ask me if it would be possible for a footpath in this location, especially as people walk to the post office daily to collect their mail.

After I was elected this became one of my very first priorities and I am stoked to see that this has now been completed. A reminder that indeed “Your voice matters!”.

The footpath was funded as part of Council’s 2021/22 Budget and will make access to Main Street much easier for all residents, especially our older community members.

It’s great to see so many exciting things happen in Bealiba and I look forward to seeing this progress continue.

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