Tuesday 7 September 2021 Cr Geoff Lovett

Published on 07 September 2021


From a very young age, from observing my Mother and the pleasure she got from reading, I have been a book reader. I can still recall as a student visiting the ‘old library’ on the corner of High and Tuaggra Streets, with my membership card in hand perusing the bookshelves.

Back then libraries lent books, how things have changed! In this shire we are fortunate to have the Maryborough Regional Library, the new Dunolly Library, and an outreach service at Talbot.

We are also members of the Central Highlands Library Service, and this gives our users access to a staggering 3 million items.

Books, Audio books, DVD’s, CD’s, via Press Reader access to thousands of newspapers and magazines. You can visit the Library in person, or go online.

If you can’t find what you are after check the online catalogue, place the item on hold and you will be advised when it has arrived. The Library offers a range of programs to satisfy everyone.

There are free weekly sessions for children of all ages, baby lap time to pre schoolers: storytime, nursery rhymes, singing, dance activities. I can personally, as a grandfather, endorse the positive benefits of these activities. For adults, the library gives access to many digital resources such as apps, databases, ancestry and movie streaming.

Throughout the year special events such as meet the author, easter, Halloween, and dress up days such as your favourite Harry Potter character.

Visit in person you can access wi-fi, and computers as well as being able to review local newspapers going back many years. As an added bonus the comfortable lounge allows you to sit and relax with uninterrupted views of the magnificent Phillips Gardens.

Yes, libraries are very different places today. They offer a wide range of experiences, catering for every demographic. The library staff are there to help you: kind, courteous, helpful, and will help you whatever your needs. I encourage everyone if you are not a member of the Library do so.

It is free, it gives you access to all the library services, and your membership card can be used at 120 libraries throughout Victoria, how good is that?


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