Tuesday 12 October Mayor's Message Cr Chris Meddows Taylor

Published on 12 October 2021


During Covid Council has been stressing the need to be kind and as a community that kindness has been evident in so many ways. it was really heartening to to read stories of kindness shown in relation to rehoming dogs in need (Advertiser 8 October).

Also last week Central Goldfields Rehoming posted a photo of a beautiful collection of jackets, blankets and toys that had been donated to the pound by residents within our community.

Our community has always shown such kindness to dogs and cats who for whatever reason need new homes.

Living in the country we are also able enjoy our wildlife but all too often see the injuries from cars and other cases where wildlife and human activity intersect with resulting wildlife injury.

This is a real opportunity to reflect on so many kind people who volunteer to support not only our dogs and cats and give them loving homes when they most need it, but also those who generously care for injured wildlife.

For all of us who appreciate and care for our own pets and value our beautiful wildlife let’s see how we can practically support those who volunteer and donate their kindness and resources to these animals when they most need it. It is very much part of being a kind and caring community.

If you can assist in any way, volunteer or donate, please contact:

For pet rehoming (Robyn’s Nest)

Robyn: 0403 350 692 

Kirsty: 0428 611 306 

For injured wildlife:

India: 0499 654 950

or (India’s mum) 5463 2348

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