Noel Harvey 9 July 2019

Published on 09 July 2019


Council has multiple opportunities for you to have your say.

There are currently six strategies and proposals available at and we’d love to hear back from the community.

Strategies and policies include:

  • Draft community Support Policy
  • Draft Casual Hire Policy
  • Draft Property Occupancy Policy
  • Waste Management Strategy
  • Economic Development and Tourism Strategy
  • Gordon Gardens Masterplan

Our Shire is home to a large number of community groups, many of which utilise Council-owned or managed buildings and recreational land.

It is vital for community organisations to have a clear understanding how to access and utilise resources available to them, to be aware of any costs involved, how maintenance issues can be reported, who the person of responsibility is, how Council can support your group and to help our community groups be more sustainable and efficient.

Council has s number of resources to support your group and help our community groups be more sustainable and efficient.

This is why Council has recently developed several draft policies to invite community feedback and is working towards a clearer, fairer and more transparent process for all residents.