Noel Harvey 2 July 2019

Published on 02 July 2019


I had the pleasure of opening Strange Garden at the Central Goldfields Art Gallery on Saturday.

This is an incredibly unique exhibition where the artists, Eliza-Jane Gilchrist, uses discarded material such as cardboard to make creative sculptures.

Eliza-Jane makes so-called ugly things beautiful, challenging perceptions of insignificance, beauty and value.

Strange Garden is a reminder there is beauty all around us if we take the time to stop and look at it.

Due to its theme of recycling, this exhibition ties in really well with our upcoming 2019-2024 Waste Management Strategy, which we are looking for feedback on.

Don’t miss out on this breath-taking exhibition. It is on display until Sunday 11 August.

At last week’s Ordinary Council Meeting, we adopted the 2019-2020 Budget.

This is a financially responsible budget that includes a $9.88 million capital works program.

This has been made possible due to several grants from state and federal governments.

And lastly, we have a number of strategies and opportunities for community members to provide feedback.

It is really important we do receive feedback from local residents so, as a Council, we can make the best decisions on behalf of the community.

To view the feedback opportunities available, visit