New Planning Scheme Format introduced to Central Goldfields Shire

Published on 15 September 2020


A new format has been introduced to the Central Goldfields Planning Scheme.

A new integrated policy framework is progressively being implemented for all planning schemes in Victoria. 

This new structure presents state, regional and local policy together under policy themes.

All councils in Victoria have been required to translate their planning schemes into the new framework.

Central Goldfields has been working with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning to complete this amendment since late 2019.

The revised policy framework has removed or relocated parts of local policy that are repetitious, redundant or already covered by state or regional policy. 

The end result is a streamlined planning scheme which is easier for both professionals and the lay person to navigate and understand.

As the amendment was not introducing or changing any local policies, it was not subject to public exhibition. 

Central Goldfields Shire Chief Administrator Noel Harvey said that the gazettal of the Planning Policy Framework translation was a significant step in bringing the Central Goldfields Planning Scheme up to date.

“Along with the forthcoming amendment to implement our adopted Planning Scheme Review, this new format will go a long way towards ensuring our planning scheme is relevant and user-friendly.”

The Central Goldfields Planning Scheme can be accessed online at


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