Karen Douglas 14 May 2019

Published on 14 May 2019


This week is Neighbourhood House Week and the Maryborough Community House is throwing open its doors today from 10am to 3pm.

Neighbourhood House Week is a chance for us to come together to celebrate the benefits Neighbourhood or Community Houses have on our communities.

Today’s Open Day theme is sustainability and I look forward to seeing the Maryborough Community House’s Community Garden project that is developing each week.

Community Houses are very important to communities.

There are approximately 400 Community, or Neighbourhood, Houses across Victoria and each of them respond to local needs and priorities.

They encourage socialisation, connection and provide various opportunities for people to contribute to their local communities.

The Maryborough Community House is no different.

Each week, there are a wide variety of activities and classes on offer to the community.

These activities and classes are run at no or minimal cost to participants.

There is bound to be something that interests everyone.

The Maryborough Community House is completely volunteer-based and is governed by a volunteer committee.

Thank you to these volunteers for their hard work, passion, dedication and commitment.

I urge all Open Day visitors to take this opportunity and learn what the Maryborough Community House can do for you.