Hugh Delahunty 6 May 2019

Published on 06 May 2019

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There is no better time to get active in our Shire.

We have a myriad of recreation and sporting groups on offer – there is bound to be something that you enjoy.

Football, netball, soccer, basketball and hockey have started or are about to start locally while clubs like our triathlon clubs hold events all year round.

In many ways, we have an active Shire but many of our residents don’t seem to be engaging with physical activity or they are not doing enough.

I am sure every local recreation and sporting club would love new members to sign up and participate in their activity.

We are updating our 2019 Leisure Guide which is full of all the different recreation and sporting groups, clubs and organisations you can be involved in.

If you feel like joining a club isn’t for you, go for a run, go to the gym or take up cycling – there are so many ways you can be active.

From a Council point of view, we are looking at more ways of how we can encourage our residents to be active.

The Healthy Heart of Victoria 2019 Active Living Census, which is a joint initiative between many organisations, has launched and residents can expect to receive the census via mail soon.

The census will help us improve the future and health and wellbeing for our community so I invite everyone to complete the census and help us make a difference.

Also, we are set to appoint a consultant for our Recreation Strategy in the coming weeks.

This strategy will outline how Council can more effectively engage with the community and encourage them to be more active more often.

So don’t rest on your laurels, get out and be active.