Cr Anna De Villers message 3 March, 2021

Published on 04 March 2021


As we all know, January marked 10 years since the anniversary of the Carisbrook floods and since then we also experienced a significant rain event in late January. These two events put the Carisbrook Levee project back on the agenda and so, in response, Council held a Carisbook Levee project community information session on Monday afternoon, 1 March, 2021.

Just over 20 members of the community attended which was an opportunity to hear from, and ask questions, to the Carisbrook Levee designer – Entura Specialist Dams Engineer Paul Southcott.

In talking to members of our community following the session, it was deemed a productive conversation that helped inform members of the community about the process behind the design and the steps that have led to where we are today. There was a commitment from all present that we will continue to work together to ensure the best solution for Carisbrook.

Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed and for those who weren’t able to join us, Council will be distributing the information that was shared via its website and The Carisbrook Mercury shortly.

Thank you to the Council staff involved in organising the event – particularly Manager Community Engagement Kylie Long and Coordinator Design and Projects Leigh Hendrickson 


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