Council endorses Community Voice Panel membership

Published on 07 March 2019


Council endorsed the Central Goldfields Community Voice Panel’s membership at the February Ordinary Meeting.

A large number of registrations were received from community members who have an interest in Council activities, projects and issues.

Community Voice Panel members will have the opportunity to have ongoing input into Council-decision making and provide Council with insights into community sentiments and support for existing or proposed policies, programs and services.

Due to limited registrations from young people and residents from an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background, Council is extending registrations to encourage more interest from these demographics.

Registrations are available at

Central Goldfields Shire Chief Administrator Noel Harvey said Council is committed to encouraging residents from diverse backgrounds to join the Community Voice Panel.

“Council recognises the importance of diversity and we would love to hear the voices from more young and Indigenous people on our Community Voice Panel.”

The Panel is a key initiative of Council’s Engaging Central Goldfields: A Community Engagement Framework which outlines a more open community engagement approach and reflects Council’s commitment to engaging with the community, local and regional stakeholders, to ensure all voices are heard.

“The Community Voice Panel is designed to ensure that council hears the views of a range of people who don’t normally engage with council.  We are committed to engaging with as many people as possible.   It is not intended that panel members seek the views of others, but rather the view of the individual member is what council is seeking”.

The framework also encourages inclusive and effective participation in decisions that affect the local community.