4 October 2022, Mayor Cr Chris Meddows-Taylor- The Advertiser

Published on 04 October 2022


 We are now heading towards the Victorian state election which will be held on Saturday 26th November 2022 and in coming weeks we can expect the level of debate between the parties and independents to intensify as they all seek one thing - your vote.

All councils are facing the challenge of trying to provide the services our communities want and need, but which is getting more challenging as rate capping bites in and is set less than the actual cost of providing the services needed, including local roads which have been punished by heavy Winter rains.

We are successful in seeking grants and that makes a real difference. We continue to work with other councils to try and find a better funding model which the Government will accept. We also work together to deliver greater efficiencies at less cost.

Critically though, we need to grow our population and local economy. With the right investment in our Priority Projects Plan initiatives we are well positioned to do that and create all the extensive benefits and service resulting.

The investments needed include better telecommunications and digital connectivity, added rail services, the further development of the gold interpretation at Maryborough Railway Station to make it a global destination as World Heritage Listing takes place, sewerage for Talbot, housing facilitation and much needed investment into our heritage assets including recreation facilities.

Ripon is the most marginal seat in Victoria. Shire residents should expect some clear commitments on these issues. Don’t underestimate the power of your vote.

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