26 May 2022, Mayor Cr Chris Meddows-Taylor - The Carisbrook Mercury

Published on 26 May 2022


Carisbrook Town Hall is a magnificent heritage asset.

It has been good that Council has been able to allocate grant funding towards critical roof repairs. Work is also progressing to establish an appropriate governance model. Huge thanks to Alex Stoneman OAM for his tireless advice on these issues.

We recognise we need to spend a great deal more on restoration. This is why Carisbrook and Maryborough Town Halls are listed in Council’s Priority Projects Plan, supporting our advocacy.

Advocacy or lobbying is a very important process for all Councils as it provides the opportunity to seek investment from the State and Commonwealth governments for initiatives and developments that are needed and important and wanted by communities. It’s an activity we put a great deal of effort into and have been very successful in.

Advocacy is much more than simply stating what is wanted. The best advocacy links wants and needs to the priorities of those making investment decisions.  It may involve many partners and is constantly evolving, as the shaping of wants, needs, partners and investment priorities and decisions changes.  Successful advocacy is achieved by understanding and seeking to best influence those changing dynamics which is what we do.

It was so good to discuss the importance of heritage investment with the Treasurer Hon Tim Pallas on his recent visit to Maryborough. The Treasurer showed real awareness of the challenges Council faces with its extensive Gold rush built heritage.

Clearly World Heritage Listing of the central Victorian Goldfields will bring added and much needed investment.

We will always cherish our unique rich legacy.


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