23 May, 2023 - Cr Liesbeth Long - The Maryborough Advertiser

Published on 23 May 2023


You may have heard that there is a push to see if the Maryborough District Agricultural & Horticultural Society Show can be resurrected. This much-loved event went into recess after the 124th show in 2016 and has been missed by locals ever since.

So why now? Well, why not? The MDA&H Show started back in 1891. There is so much history with the show and it would be such a shame to see it disappear forever. One of the reasons I ran for council back in 2020 was to advocate for farmers and Primary Production in the shire. Bringing the MDA&H Show back will be a solid start.

I would like to reiterate that this won’t be council led, however all Councillors and Executive Staff have been briefed by myself and are excited at the prospect of it’s possible return. This event will be wholly organised by the community, for the community, of which I am one and as a Councillor, I would like to share my governance knowledge and leadership to get it over the line.

Since my election, I’ve been on the organising committee for Energy Breakthrough (EB) and served as it’s Chair for the past 2 years. So although I have no prior experience in running an Agricultural show, I do have knowledge of what it takes to run the biggest event in our Shire, EB.

A Dunolly resident, Mr. Jake Meyer and myself, have been doing lots of research and have approached many, both previously involved in the Show and new people, to see if we can get community support.

But we need help, lots of help. So Mr. Meyer and myself have called a meeting tomorrow night, Wednesday 24th May, from 4.00 pm to 5.30 pm at the Community Hub, to see if people are interested in the 125th MDA&H Show. Make no mistake, if people are not willing to step up and get involved, the event will simply not be able to run.

It will be a lot of effort, but many hands make light work. So, if you are keen in helping out, no matter how big or small, please come along. Everyone is welcome.



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