21 November 2023, Cr Anna De Villiers - The Maryborough Advertiser

Published on 21 November 2023

Cr Anna de Villiers

Living in the country is a lifestyle choice. You either grew up in a rural community, or it is a rational decision to escape the busy life of bigger centres.

It certainly poses challenges but the rewards are much greater. Connecting and establishing lifelong relationships, no traffic, being able to park in front of a shop.

These past two months, as we were bombarded with broadcasts of significant international sporting events taking place, I realised the important role sport plays in the life of a rural community.  It is the one place where people with common interests and passions can connect.

Being engaged in sport is a very positive way of developing life skills such as teamwork and discipline. Sport also leads to reducing social isolation, keeping us together as a community.

Sports-focused initiatives can also contribute to stimulating economic growth by attracting visitors, supporting local businesses and creating job opportunities.

Next weekend, Central Goldfields Shire will be hosting yet another great sporting event: The Energy Breakthrough. The excitement and enthusiasm amongst young people is wonderful to see. And with thousands of participants and their supporters descending on our Shire, it stimulates our economy, our sense of pride, and it promotes Maryborough across the whole state.

Good luck to all the teams participating, and a big thank you to so many who are contributing to this big event. And if you have a few hours to spare later this week, you can still register as a volunteer to help out. It’s a wonderful experience and a huge team effort.

Cr Anna De Villiers

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