2021 Global Climate Action Week

Published on 19 October 2021


Did you know this week is Global Climate Change Week?

This year’s theme is Climate, Health, Action – and is focusing on the impact of our changing climate on human and environmental health. 

Here at Central Goldfields, to celebrate, we wanted to share the partnerships and initiatives we’re involved with and supporting, as we play our part in responding to climate change:


In July, Council launched the Central Goldfields Climate Action Collaboration – in partnership with the Maryborough Climate Action Group, Goldfields Sustainability Group and Maryborough Education Centre. 

The group is made up of 20 individuals from across the community to lead the development of a local response to climate change.

The group is dedicated to bringing climate change into the everyday conversation, creating space for everyone to be heard and engaging all in the exploration of the climate action opportunities for our Shire.

For more information and updates visit: www.engage.coldshire.vic.gov.au/climateactioncollaboration


The Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance has been funded to examine how communities and local governments can play a greater role in the uptake of neighbourhood batteries, as part of Victorian Government’s Neighbourhood Battery initiative.

The program, called ‘Community Sparks’ will assess the feasibility of one community battery site in the Central Goldfields Shire.

The partnership is part of Council’s commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. Community batteries provide opportunities to unlock more solar and can provide an income to help residents manage their energy bills.


In May, Council announced it was one of 46 local governments to sign up to VECO, the Victorian Energy Collaboration, the largest emissions reduction project ever undertaken by local government in Australia.

This means we’ll be pooling our energy needs into a long-term contract to power our streetlights, council buildings, libraries, community venues and halls with renewable energy generated from wind farms right here in Victoria.

For more information visit: www.centralgoldfields.vic.gov.au/veco


In February, 2021 we officially opened our first Electric Vehicle Charging Station. One of 17 sites across the region, the project was funded by the Victorian Government’s ‘Charging the Regions’ project, led by the Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance and delivered in partnership with 11 neighbouring councils.

More Australian Solar Homes

Council is a partner in a MASH – a solar bulk buy initiative aimed at helping households and businesses save money by reducing their energy bills. The MASH Solar Bulk Buy makes it easier for households and businesses to go solar with an option they can trust.



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