What is Council doing in response to COVID-19?


 The World Health Organisation (WHO) classified the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic on Wednesday 11 March.

 The Victorian State Government declared a State Of Emergency to help combat COVID-19 on Monday 16 March.

Council has a key role in emergency management. In the current pandemic situation we are focusing on what we can do to reduce the impact of COVID-19 for our organisation and in our community.

We are closely monitoring the situation and responding to the direction of the Australian and Victorian Government. 

The State Government is the lead agency for pandemic and the role of Local Government is to support the State Government and its agencies at the local level.

Our Northern Victorian Influenza Pandemic Plan and Business Continuity Plan are currently being enacted.  A Pandemic Coordinator has been appointed as a result of the Pandemic Plan’s activation.

The pandemic response structure is outlined HERE.(PDF, 32KB) 

To protect the health of our volunteers, staff and community we have taken measures to reduce our face-to-face interactions and have closed a number of our areas. More information about these measures is outlined HERE. 

An action plan is being developed under the themes of food security, volunteers, mental health, family violence, children & families, and communications/messaging.  Council will lead a coordinated approach to communications/messaging with a focus on making it easier for people to know where to get help and understanding actions they need to take to stay safe.  This will include printed information to ensure everyone has access to information so keep an eye open for something in your letterbox.

Regional Emergency Management Team

We participate in these meetings regularly. This group oversees management of emergencies that affect the Loddon-Mallee Region. 

The focus for the COVID-19 pandemic is ensuring there are adequate resources to support the community.  This includes ensuring the health system (GPs, Hospitals, Ambulance Victoria) can cope with the increase in demand, personal protective equipment is available for all health workers and Council staff conducting immunisations, and staffing and volunteer numbers are not impacted.


Northern Victorian Pandemic Cluster Committee

We participate in these meetings regularly. This group oversees the coordination of the pandemic response for the Loddon-Campaspe Cluster (Central Goldfields, Loddon, Campaspe, Mount Alexander and Bendigo councils).  We provide information about the situation in Central Goldfields.


Loddon-Mallee Regional Relief Team

We participate in these meetings regularly with the role of the group to ensure that all relief activities are coordinated at the regional level.