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Lock Down Diaries

How are you doing at home? The Lock Down Diary has been distributed to our Engage! Program members to capture how you are going at home under the current circumstances.

The diary includes fill in and drawing spaces for things like what you are having for dinner, a self portrait, what's in your pantry, poem writing, a week's worth of highlights and daily details.

The Lock Down Diary is aimed at ages 12 and over and is a creative, fun way to document how you are going during the COVID-19 restrictions.

Our aim is to collect the Engage! group's diaries when we are able to meet again and collaborate these pages to make one big Lock Down Diary and include photos of what we are all doing at home and how we got through this together.

To download a copy of the diary, click here(PDF, 9MB)

Positive Parenting Tips

Helping your children understand COVID-19

Your child is probably seeing and hearing about Coronavirus (COVID-19) on TV, radio, and social media, as well as from other people.

Talking with your child about Coronavirus (COVID-19) can help your child understand and cope with what’s going on.

Check out the following links on the Raising Children website to support families during this time:

Information for parents with infants and young children

If you are breastfeeding or have children and are concerned about their health the COVID-19 pandemic, please download the Victorian Maternal and Child Health Services' Information for parents with infants and young children guide(PDF, 1MB)

Resources to keep your children entertained and active at home