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Have Your Say — Public Road Register Policy

Under the requirements of the Road Management Act 2004, Council must establish a register of public roads of which it is the coordinating road authority.

Council’s Public Road Register Policy provides guidance to staff and the public to assist in determining which municipal roads are to be included on the Public Road Register.

Council’s Public Road Register Policy is currently being reviewed and the community is invited to review the Policy and provide feedback by 5pm, Friday 26 June, via the following methods:

Email: haveyoursaypublicroadregisterpolicy@cgoldshire.vic.gov.au

Mail: Attention Asset Management, PO BOX 194, Maryborough, 3465

Maryborough Flood Study

We’re inviting residents to contribute local knowledge and experience to inform a flood study for Maryborough township and surrounds.

The flood study is a partnership project between Council, North Central Catchment Management Authority and the Victorian State Emergency Service.

Community members who have an interest in the study, or who have knowledge of past flooding or drainage problems around Maryborough are encouraged to get involved.

Feedback can be provided via our online survey: bit.ly/MaryboroughFS_SurveyA

The survey is anonymous, takes only 5 to 10 minutes to complete and will provide us with valuable flooding information.  In addition, the survey can be submitted as many times as required to capture data for multiple locations or properties.  

Integrated Transport Management Plan 

 We have partnered with the Victorian Government Department of Transport to develop an Integrated Transport Strategy.

The Strategy will identify access and transport needs across the municipality and determine issues and opportunities with various modes of transport.

It will also identify the current ways our community access the various key destinations and how transport options could be improved.

Feedback is required by Friday 29 May, 2020 and is invited via:

Please note the previously advertised community consultation sessions for the project have been cancelled.

For more information contact our Strategic Planner Amy Bell on 5461 0685 or email strategicplanning@cgoldshire.vic.gov.au

Central Goldfields Shire Council Planning Scheme Review

Council is required to review the Central Goldfields Planning Scheme every four years, in order enhance its effectiveness and efficiency.  The review must evaluate the Scheme to ensure that it:

  • meets Ministerial guidelines;
  • sets out effectively the policy objectives for use and development of land in the municipality;
  • is effective in applying State and local policy objectives.

What is the review process?

Data and evidence are collected. The Consultant will compile existing data and information for the municipality, review the performance of the current planning scheme and factor in broader strategic trends to inform the key strategic directions for the future.

Issues and Options paper

The summary of evidence collected so far is compiled into an issues and options paper [see link below].

Community input

We sought community input and feedback to ensure that we hear and understand the key issues that people feel the planning scheme should address.

Planning Scheme Review Report

We will use the feedback we receive from the community and other key stakeholders to draft the Planning Scheme Review Report. We anticipate that the final report, taking into account community submissions, will be ready for Council to consider early in 2020.

Adoption by Council

The Review Report is adopted by Council and submitted to the Minister for Planning.

Implement the actions and recommendations

Council will consider the actions and recommendations outlined in the review report. Implementation of some immediate priority issues and recommendations may be undertaken through the process of a planning scheme amendment. The amendment process will provide opportunities for further community consultation. Recommendations that require further work will help shape Council’s strategic planning program for the coming years.

What we have done so far

In the first round of consultation, our consultant held discussions with referral authorities and experienced council staff.   Further consultation involved an email to regular planning scheme users and an open community drop-in session in Maryborough.  In these forums we asked the stakeholders to define their aspirations for Central Goldfields, what they wanted to see stay the same and what they wanted to change. A result of this is the Issues and Options(PDF, 618KB) paper.

Where are we?

planning-scheme-review.jpg(JPG, 89KB)

Further information

For further information on the Central Goldfields Planning Scheme Review, contact Amy Bell, Strategic Planner, on 5461 0685 or email strategicplanning@cgoldshire.vic.gov.au