Revaccination program

In December 2021 a review of Council’s Immunisation Program found that the temperature of the fridge used to store secondary school and adult vaccines was not appropriately monitored between April 2020 and December 2021. 

This means that we cannot be certain that the vaccines administered during this period were stored at the correct temperature in accordance with the manufacturer’s product information. Vaccines which are stored at temperatures outside of the optimum range may lose some of their effectiveness. 

There is no health risk to the students and adults who have received a vaccine during this period, even if temperatures fluctuated. There is however some possibility that the vaccine administered during this period may not have delivered full immunity, as intended. 

We are working with the secondary school students who received vaccinations during this period to be revaccinated to ensure they are properly protected.  

The impacted adults are required to consult with their GP to determine if revaccination is necessary. 

Council has provided written communication to the students and adults affected.

If you haven’t received a letter and think you might be impacted, please contact Council’s Immunisation Coordinator Hannah Castles, on 0428 894 724 or email 


Further information and expert advice:   

  • Central Goldfields Shire Council Immunisation Service Co-ordinator contact:  
Hannah Castles, on 0428 894 724


  • Expert Vaccine Advice - Contact the Victorian vaccine safety service (SAEFVIC):

    Operating hours are 9.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday (except public holidays). The online system is always available.  


Phone: 1300 882 924 (option 1)