Carisbrook Levee Project


January marked 10 years since the anniversary of the Carisbrook floods and since then we also experienced a significant rain event in late January.

These two events put the Carisbrook Levee project back on the agenda and so, in response, Council held a Carisbook Levee project community information session on Monday afternoon, 1 March, 2021.

Just over 20 members of the community attended which was an opportunity to hear from, and ask questions, to the Carisbrook Levee designer – Entura Specialist Dams Engineer Paul Southcott.

For those unable to attend, the information shared at the meeting is available to view here:

- Meeting Summary(PDF, 105KB)

- Meeting Minutes(PDF, 197KB)

- Carisbrook Levee Designer Paul Southcott PowerPoint presentation(PPTX, 5MB)

- Project timeline(PDF, 107KB)

- Question and Answer summary(PDF, 136KB)

- Carisbrook Levee Project Plans(PDF, 7MB)

- Carisbrook Flood Mitigation Expenditure and Income Stages One to Four(PDF, 203KB)