Health - Personal Care

Businesses operating in the health, personal care and body art industries must comply with the Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2009.

To assist in compliance, health guidelines for personal care and body art industries the Department of Health Guidelines for Personal Care and Body Art Industries have been developed.

The guidelines provide information on cleaning and sanitisation practices required for the personal care industry. These guidelines should be used as a guide to best practice and as a reference tool for people associated with the industry.

Additional information is also available at the Victorian Government - Department of Health website. 

Beauty therapists, hairdressers, colonic irrigation and body art establishments within the Central Goldfields Shire Council are all required to be registered with Council.

If you are opening, buying or selling a health premises you will require one of the following permits.

Please note permits may also be required from Council's Planning and Building Departments depending on the type of business and changes you may be making. Please ensure that all appropriate permits have been sought prior to making application.

For more information and to submit your registration form/s contact the Central Goldfields Shire Environmental Health Officer on 03 5461 0647 or email.

Useful resource: Fact Sheet for hairdressers(PDF, 212KB)