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Art Gallery Facade

Coming to visit the Art Gallery will be a bit different from now on as we adapt to the latest restrictions to keep visitors and staff safe.

Above all – stay home if you’re unwell! Stay home, get well and we will see you again soon!

There is a maximum number of visitors allowed in the Gallery at any one time – 18 maximum.

Hygiene – you will need to help us all keep safe and healthy in the Gallery. Sanitise your hands on arrival, hand sanitiser will be provided at our entry/exit. We will also be increasing the cleaning of the Gallery to keep everyone safe.

You will need to provide us with your contact details on entry – we will provide your details only to the Department of Health if we need to for contact tracing purposes. Your first name, telephone number and time of entry is all we need. Your details will be kept for only a limited of amount time.

Signage to guide you – signs will be everywhere, please take note of any signage throughout the Gallery.

Physical Distancing – You will need to keep 1.5 metres apart in the Gallery spaces. We know that it is easy to forget but it is very important to remember.

There will also need to be less of you in each of the various Gallery spaces at one time – enjoy the extra space while you view the art on display and explore the Gallery.

The hallway between the Thomas Casey Room and the Side Gallery is narrow and can only take one person at a time as it there is not sufficient room to pass another at a safe distance. Please wait until anyone in the hallway has exited before entering the hallway.

Be aware of other people’s personal space, some may prefer to have a bit more space around them to feel comfortable in public spaces. Watch people’s body language and please don’t take offence if someone steps back from you.

Be kind to staff and other visitors – everyone is here to enjoy their visit and staff are continually adapting to this new way of working and changing restrictions to keep you safe.

Visiting with children – Please hold your child’s hand and make sure they do not touch the displays while you talk to them about the work. Check for any activities we have available for kids.

Visiting with your friends and family – please maintain social distancing to help us and make sure all our visitors feel comfortable.

Suggestions welcome – Tell us if you can think of a better way for us to do something, we are open to new ideas. Email with your suggestions.

We look forward to seeing you in the Gallery, we will still be providing some great digital content, so follow us on social media to make sure you don’t miss out on anything and sign up to our eNewsletter. Go here for details.


Opening days:

The gallery will be re-opening soon but it is closed to the public until further noticed due to the COVID-19 restrictions, please visit our Facebook page for updates as we are planning a range of posts and information about the collection, exhibitions and related activities to create a 'virtual gallery' service.


Our location:

Old Fire Station, Neill Street, Maryborough, Victoria


Admission to the Gallery is free, however a donation is appreciated.


The Gallery can be contacted on 03 5461 6600 or via email

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Guided tours and talks:

The Gallery welcomes groups for guided tours and talks. These sessions may be offered outside of opening hours if required; please contact the Gallery for further information.